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Mars : Mars: The planet Mars can be benefic or malefic, it depends on the native’s chart . If a doctor has a strong Mars in his horoscope , then he would do well in Surgery or any kind of operation as a strong Mars well related to the houses concerning livelihood because Mars is related to blood, injuries, knife etc. Mars is a fierce red -hot planet. It gives you the drive to win and become the best. If Mars is not strong then the person would be afraid of seeing blood or perform surgical operations or may have bad luck with surgery. If Mars possessed a good position in a horoscope the native can be doctor, engineer, player, bodybuilder, businessman of real estate etc. It makes you warrior-like, not war-like. It’s energy can be both constructive as well as destructive , depending how it is used and where the Mars is placed in horoscope.  

 Jupiter : Usually luck and fortune, associated with Jupiter for good reason. If Jupiter is well placed in a horoscope then the person would become a very good child specialist, judge and jury , philosopher, teacher, professor etc. If the Jupiter is strongly placed in a Native’s horoscope then they should just consult and advise but should not use the tools that cut (Mars). It is a thinking person’s planet. Jupiter compels us to assess our ethical and moral values; it also address our sense of optimism.  

 Moon : Planet Moon controls emotions and mental capabilities. When a moon is weakly possessed in a horoscope , it can lead to mental disorders. Moon represents mother of the native. If Moon is strong in a horoscope then the Native can become a good Eye Specialist, nursing, gynecologist, since Moon is related to childbirth.  

 Venus : If Venus possessed a good position in native’s horoscope, He or she has sharp brains and can think faster than normal. Venus being ruler of the sex organs if well placed in a horoscope then the doctor can get into Cosmetic Surgery or any branch of medicine, which enhances skin quality or beauty in general. Or may be a sexologist, gynecologist ,a urologist or anything related to sex organs. Wealthy people who maintain a luxurious lifestyle , movie and television stars ,artists, models, fashion designers, intellectuals who influence society with charisma have Benefic Venus.  

 Saturn : The planet Saturn rules over our karma, relation with your servants, employees, maids, sleep, pet animals, chronic diseases , popularity etc. If Saturn is strongly related then the person would become a good dentist since Saturn rules the teeth. Saturn rules the bones so he may be good as a bone and joint specialist. If Saturn possessed a healthy position in a native’s horoscope, they can be a good researcher , revolutionists, leaders etc and they have a strong memory power which help them remember events with dates and details. They believe in God but not Godman.  

 Mercury : The planet Mercury is nearest to sun. This planet represents the qualities of intelligence , wit , humor in a person . If Mercury is strong then the doctor can specialist in kidney related studies, or anything to do with transporting systems of the body. He may also be a neurologist. Mercury is the electronics planet. In the human body Mercury connects to all signal system like nerves through which signals are carried. Mercury is the planet of communication and it represents the fields related to commerce, trade or business, accounts, banking and computers. Therefore well-possessed, strong/ exalted Mercury is usually seen in horoscopes of astrologers, writers, engineers , mathematicians, businessmen , dealers, brokers . 

 Sun : A person can become a famous cardiologist is Sun is well placed in his horoscope. As we know that Sun is the energy house, center of the solar system. Like the same Sun rules our heart which is the center of our body. An exalted Sun in a horoscope can make a native famous, administrative, Minister, Super star, proudy, responsible, etc.