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Nabatara Institute of Astrology is one of the Eminent Tantra & Jyotish learning institute in India and abroad under the efficient tutelage of Mr. Gaurav Tribedi – the founder and Principal of the institute. Nabatara offers special online and offline classes. Many Astrologers from India and Abroad started their career and well settled after completing the courses from Nabatara institution .

Mr Gaurav Tribedi belongs to Srikula Tantra ( Shankaracharya Gharana ) which is the Ultimate of Tantra and Nabatara maintains the ancient Guru-Shishya Parampara (Ancient Indian Teacher-Disciple Lineage or Tradition ) and provides the best quality of expert teachers and guidance to their students both in online and offline classes .

Our online courses in Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Tantra Mantra, Palmistry, and Vedic Astrology are designed with the modern-day practical use of ancient Indian science in mind. We’re currently offering a vast range of online courses due to the demands of the new normal . The courses, which are instructed by specialists, include a thorough study of the subject that is taught using elaborate techniques and put into practice in real-life.

To develop your psychic senses in safe and scientific manner and to gather knowledge in this Divine journey of occult science , interested people can register now for online classes and learn from comfort of your home .

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