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Going by Parad grantham, just a touch of the Parad Shivlingam of Nabatara is going to present the person who is worshiping with the advantages of Shiv pooja in the three worlds, which is Trilok. The dedicated worshipers who are going to do the worship of a solitary Parad Shivling are going to receive numerous blessings that include:

  • The receiving of gold in great quantity
  • The receiving of the advantages of doing worship of the ling in every one of the three worlds of Trilok
  • The performing of quite a few Ashwameghayagnas.


Parad Shivlingam worship offers freedom from several crimes and offers salvation

An individual who does worship of this Parad Shivlinga is able to be made free from a range of crimes particularly, the taking the life of a cow, the taking the life of a Brahmin, the taking the life of an infant and crimes of such sorts. The Praying and the doing of Worship of this linga on a regular basis and the doing of good karma is able to present a human being with salvation, which is also known as moksha.

It cures you of several diseases and bestows you with a strong spirit

This linga happens to also be really effectual for the curing of numerous sorts of diseases that include asthma, high blood pressure, and heart disorders. There is also another really vital aspect to it, which is that it helps in the development and increase of psychological power to achieve a strong determination and spirit. This is excellent for the development of one’s bodily health as well as the mind.

More benefits of Parad Shivlinga worship

Parad Shivlinga worship is going to complement the associations among all of the members of a family that includes a joint family and a nuclear family. This worship guarantees prosperity and peace in both such households.

What this worship does is do away with all of the wants. All of the human requirements of both such households are going to be presented to the households continuously.
This Shiv Linga is characterized by an enormous authority to induce the authority of Goddess Saraswati. How is this helpful? This is of great help to the studies of children. The reason is that Parad Shivlinga helps in

  • Purifying the mind
  • Controlling the emotions and
  • More significantly, rectifying Vedic Vastu.

Monday is the best time for Parad Shivlinga worship

We ought to do the worship of the linga on a Monday as this will bring about many changes. The changes will be evident in one’s Married life, wealth, service, associations, psychological and physical health. This also makes building abnormalities correct. A good instance is that it resolves Vastu dosha. This is of great importance as this dosha is able to have an effect on a family’s holistic development. Another effective role that this linga plays is in Vastu Sastra.


It is greatly recommended that every one of you keep with you an energized Parad Shivlinga for reaping the greatest amount of benefit from it. Individuals are always looking ahead to achievement in the materialistic humankind and after that via salvation (moksa). The worship of an Energised Parad Shivling presents this in entirety.