Tantra Mantra Course

It is necessary to completely integrate new knowledge into oneself to dispel prejudice and delusion. The pupil can develop their confidence, self-awareness, sense of duty, and accountability through this process, paving the way for both material abundance and personal freedom. Inclusion of the psychosocial is made possible. We have designed a top-class online tantra course so that you can enroll in our long-term courses whenever you want, just sitting at your home. By employing fresh information to overcome the constrained or finite concept of oneself, an effort is made to improve oneself as a whole human being. The learner can overcome obstacles and live a full and purposeful life as the body and the mind is restored to balance.


Kundalini Chakra

Yoga &

Tantra Puja

Master In Tantra Course ( 22 Hours )

“After completion of the course, you are eligible to receive the Tantrik Empowerment ( Tantrik Dikhsha, Abhisheka ) to Hindu Tantra and to attain the practical classes of Tantrik Rituals and Havana.“

Courses are Available for

Working Professionals Students Housewives Retired Professionals etc.

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We don’t believe in teaching; we believe in making you learn and implement.

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Why we are India's Best Institute

There are only 10-15 students in a batch. So, that each student can get personal attention.

All your doubts will be solved in the class itself. You can also ask your doubts over the application’s ‘Course discussion section’ where you can ask your doubts with your faculty and can also discuss with your batchmates.

Our class is conducted through our own Mobile Application (Android and iOS) and Web App

Recording of your live class gets uploaded on mobile application within 4 hours after the class gets over, so that you can revise it any time.

Yes, You will be provided certificate after the successful completion of course (including examination), which is Valuable and recognizable all across the world.



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Why Choose Us

We understand that it can be challenging to commit to long periods of study, so we have designed our best tantra course to accommodate different timelines. The long-term courses are open to enrollment at any time. We advise a minimum of six months of intense study for individuals hoping to become tantrik gurus or adopt the tantrik way of life. Our certification course teaches you the ultimate meaning and definition of Tantra and briefs you on Tantra and Veda. They also provide the lessons of importance and significance of Tantra and its importance in Kali Yuga. Our tantra course will teach you the types of tantra such as Bhairava Tantra, Rudra Tantra, Shiva Tantra, and more.