Governing Body

Mr. Gaurav Tribedi

Chairman and Principal of Nabatara

Gaurav Tribedi, CEO of Nabatara Foundation, holds a BSC.IT in software engineering and an MBA from ICFAI. With a professional background from IT, he transitioned into a spiritual journey. Gaurav is now recognized globally as an Occult Master & Tantra Guru. Alongside his entrepreneurial pursuits, he actively engages in social activism, dedicating himself to the divine path.

Mrs. Priyanka Ghosh

Director & Assistant Principal of Nabatara

Priyanka Sarkar Ghosh, Director of Nabatara Foundation, transitioned from a successful IT career, including roles at Acclaris Business Solutions & Capgemini, to embrace the cultural & creative realm as a trained Dance artist. She embarked on a spiritual journey in 2020, delving into occult science. As a dedicated social activist, she contributes to society while serving with the organization.