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Nabatara Institute Of Astrology

Founded in 2011, Nabatara Institute of Astrology is one of the leading Kolkata-based tantra & jyotish learning institute. Established by Mr. Gaurav Tribedi, we’re committed to teaching, guiding, and building the career of emerging tantriks and astrologers in India. The courses are delicately designed with the guidance of veteran Gaurav Tribedi and reputable experts to bring the passion of individuals and help them to find their best version. With the help of the curriculum, one can build a solid understanding of astrology, tantrik practices, and spirituality.

Courses We Offer


Astrology Course

Discover Your Inner Self and Unlock Your Potential with an Astrology Course!

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Numerology Course

Unlock Your Life's Potential Through Numerology with This Comprehensive Course

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Vastu Shastra

Learn the Secrets of Ancient Indian Home Design with Vastu Shastra Courses

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Tantra Mantra

Discover the Ancient Art of Tantra Mantra with the best Comprehensive Course!

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Palmistry Courses

Learn the Art of Palmistry and Unlock the Secrets of Your Future with Courses

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Online Courses

Take an Online Courses that offers Astrology, Numerology, Vastu & Tantra Mantra etc..

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Why Choose Us

Registered Under Govt. Of India

We, with CIN – U85300WB2021NPL245364 and Section 8 License No: 125686, have been officially recognized by the Government of India.

Online Interactive Classes

We provide live online interactive classes to our students via mobile and web applications for seamless learning.

Practical and Special Classes

We offer hands-on tantra practical classes covering Puja, Kundalini chakra, Sadhana, Meditation, Havana, Vastu visits, and live horoscope prediction.

Course Completion Certificates and Awards

Government-affiliated certificates are awarded upon course completion, with selected students being recognized with special awards and titles.

24*7 Support

Even after the completion of the course, we offer round-the-clock support to all of our students.

International Astrological Seminar

We host an Annual International Astrological Seminar to recognize and award accomplished astrologers, spiritual gurus, consultants, and Tantriks.

About Gaurav Tribedi

Best Astrologer in India

With a dream to transform the dimensions of Indian astrology and tantrik practices, Gaurav’s wisdom was unique since childhood. Being a famous astrologer in India, his strong prowess has enlightened many confused souls. From famous personalities to the common man, everyone seeks his guidance to discover their life’s motive, and solutions to their struggles to live a blissful life. To make a generation of adept astrologers, who will change the way people believe in astrology and erase the misconception of it- a study of mathematical cycles – he built the institute of Vedic astrology. He also assists those in need to polish this decade’s talent and produce India’s top tantriks and astrologers.


Tantra Puja

Experience the Power of Tantra with Services Designed to Help You Transform Your Life

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Vedic Horoscope

Discover the Secrets of Your Destiny with Vedic Astrology Services

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Numerology Correction

Discover the Hidden Meaning of Your Life with Numerology Services

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Vastu Correction

Unlock Abundance and Prosperity with Professional Vastu Services.

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Certificates & Awards

Recognizing Excellence: Presenting Certificates & Awards to Outstanding Individuals.

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