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The literal meaning of Vastu and Vastu shastra is “the science of architecture.” Vastu uses directional alignments, symmetry, and geometric patterns to base different parts of a structure to combine architecture with nature. Vastu originated with the construction of ritual architecture and is as old as the Vedic era. Later, it is expanded to include all premises/architecture designs, and layouts. Let Best Vastu Consultant in Kolkata discover the power of Vastu and create harmony in your home. Mr. Gaurav Tribedi one of the Best Vaastu Advisor is here to unlock the potential of your space and create a harmonious and balanced space that promotes health, happiness, and prosperity.

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    It aims to create a positive and productive environment that promotes success, growth, and prosperity.

    It recommendations for the placement of machinery, materials, and other elements to promote smooth operations, growth and reduce mishaps.

    Modern Vastu is the latest form of vastu which is traditional architecture based on modern Vastu remedies, tips and effects ( eg. Mirror, Colour effects ).

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    Mr. Gaurav Tribedi offers his vast experience in Vastu services to a variety of clients on a national and international scale. These services include not only Vastu consultations but also Vastu education and Vastu teaching. His Vastu services are extensive and open to everyone in the field of Vastu teaching and education; they don’t just involve site visits. Therefore, if you’re seeking professional assistance from top Vastu Shastra Consultants, share any concerns you have about the layout of your home, office, factory, or shop to ensure peace, comfort, progress, happiness, harmony, and uplift in your life, Mr. Gaurav Tribedi will make several Vastu remedies that will give you long term stability, prosperity, and peace.